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Lola Mezcal Espadin Joven

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Lola is all about tradition and preserving the culture of making and drinking
mezcal. Lucio Bautista is the third generation of a family of maestros. He learned his production techniques from his father and grandfather. He has his own palenque in Río de Ejutla and a planting of espadín, barril, arroqueño, Mexicano, madre cuishe and tobasiche agaves. 

  • Maestro: Lucio Bautista
  • Produced in Rio de Ejutla, Oaxaca
  • Maguey harvested at: 7 years
  • Cooked Underground Conical Oven
  • Grinded: Tahona stone
  • Fermentation: Sabino wood
  • Distillation: Distilled in a copper still with a rectifier (unlike other stills, the
    rectifier distills the agave twice during a single process).

43% AVB – 100% Agave

The agave is sewn on the ground for 3 to 5 days, on a mountain of river stone and
mesquite and juniper wood.


LOLA is crafted using ancient techniques that date back to pre-Hispanic cultures
and produced from a unique batch of Oaxaca’s traditional espadin agave. Lola has a cleaner and smoother texture, without losing its aromatic taste. Lola Mezcal is intense, flavorful, yet unbelievably smooth.

Lola Mezcal Espadin Joven
Lola Mezcal Espadin Joven Sale price$34.99