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Limavady Single Malt Whiskey

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Darryl is fulfilling his lifelong dream to craft his own exceptional whiskey, by combining the precision of a whiskey Master and the spirit of Limavady’s namesake. Limavady will satisfy serious whiskey lovers but fits the bill for everyday enjoyment with whomever you choose to bring to the table.

Limavady whiskey isn’t mass produced. Darryl personally hand picks each cask to make sure it’s exactly to his liking. Then every PX Sherry cask is bottled separately, with cask and bottle number noted on the label.

  • 100% Irish Barley
  • Aged in Bourbon Barrels & Finished in PX Sherry Casks
  • 846 Bottles Per Barrel
  • Small Batch Triple Distilled Copper Pot Stills

The sherry casks deliver warm, inviting dried fruit and spice notes, adding richness to a toasted vanilla base; smooth at first with a satisfying warmth on the finish.


Featuring an old school 'blob-top', with the celebrated Irish wolfhound embossed below, the Limavady glass is based on an original bottle discovered after centuries buried in the fields near Darryl's home. The intentional imperfections of the glass texture, among other details, make a seemingly simple bottle a true relic.

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Limavady Single Malt Whiskey Sale price$54.99