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Louis Latour Chateau Corton Grancey 2020

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"Grancey" was the name of the last owners of the château situated on the road of Corton, before the Latour family bought it in 1891. This wine, produced by Maison Louis Latour, is unique and exclusive. It is a blend of five areas of Domaine Latour Corton Grand Cru: Bressandes, Perrières, Grèves, Clos du Roi, and Chaumes, the proportions of which vary depending on the vintage. The average age of the vines is over 40 years. After aging individually, only the best barrels are assembled to create the Château Corton Grancey. It is a wine that is produced only if the grapes are of a perfect maturity, vintages judged inferior are systematically declassified.



10 to 12 months ageing in oak barrels, 35% new


Louis Latour cooperage, French oak, medium toasted


Our Château Corton Grancey Grand Cru 2020 reveals a deep ruby colour with a hint of garnet. It is complex on the nose with aromas of black cherry, blueberry, and moka. Round in the mouth, it is lightly peperry on the final. This wine stands out for its complexity and the softness of its tannins.


Wild boar - roasted beef - roasted quail - duck "à l'orange" - mature cheeses.


Respect for terroir is one of the fundamental values of Maison Louis Latour, who have practised reasoned agriculture (certified ISO14001) for almost 20 years. Understanding and interpreting the geological complexity of each parcel is indispensable, and it is for this reason that we regularly undertake soil analysis of entire slices of earth in order to study the interaction between the terroir and our wines.

If a noble terroir is undoubtedly one of the essential elements in the production of a great wine, the work of our highly qualified team is also crucial and highly valuable. Extreme rigour and meticulous care are necessary when applying the correct gestures and techniques, notably when pruning and leaf thinning.

Healthy soil is also primordial for the development of the vines, which is why Maison Louis Latour uses specific organic techniques to combat vine pests and diseases. These organic substances also reduce the need for pesticides. Maison Louis Latour also makes its own compost (around 70 tonnes) from vine pruning wood and grape skins - a by-product of pressing - thus eliminating the use of chemical fertilizers.

Traditional viticultural methods have been perpetuated by Maison Louis Latour. Young vines on steep slopes -making access difficult for machines - are ploughed using horses. Working in this way avoids compacting the earth and allows the vine root systems to plunge deeply into the soil to better regulate their water intake.

Louis Latour Chateau Corton Grancey 2020
Louis Latour Chateau Corton Grancey 2020 Sale price$226.99