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Lagavulin Offerman Edition 11 Year Caribbean Rum Cask Finish

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Immerse yourself in the world of fine Scotch whisky with the Lagavulin Offerman Edition, a remarkable expression finished in Caribbean rum casks. This special edition, a collaboration between the iconic Islay distillery and renowned enthusiast Nick Offerman, is a bold testament to the art of whisky making, combining the intense, smoky flavors of Lagavulin with the sweet, exotic notes of Caribbean rum.

The journey begins with a nose of sweet smoke, seamlessly blending into rich flavors of dried fruit, vanilla, and sugarcane, courtesy of its unique rum cask finish. Each sip reveals layers of complexity, with the distinctive peaty character of Lagavulin whisky harmoniously mingling with warm, spicy undertones and a hint of tropical fruitiness.

Bottled at 92 proof, the Lagavulin Offerman Edition Caribbean Rum Cask Finish Scotch Whisky offers a robust yet refined tasting experience. It's a celebration of craftsmanship and creativity, perfect for savoring slowly on its own or as a distinguished component of a sophisticated cocktail.

Whether you're a long-time fan of Lagavulin or exploring the rich tapestry of Scotch whisky for the first time, this edition is an exquisite choice. Its unique character and backstory make it an excellent addition to any collection and a memorable gift for any whisky lover.


We’re delighted to have been awarded the UK’s highest eco-tourism award at Lagavulin. Both our visitor experience and our distillery were recognised by the prestigious gold certification from Green Tourism for our sustainable practices.

Lagavulin Offerman Edition 11 Year Caribbean Rum Cask Finish
Lagavulin Offerman Edition 11 Year Caribbean Rum Cask Finish Sale price$102.99