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Kah Extra Añejo Ceramic Tequila

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“KAH” translates to “life” in the ancient Mayan language, and Day of the Dead, Día de los Muertos, in fact, is a celebration of lives lived.

The multi-day festival brings together family and friends to pray for and remember those they have lost. The customs are based on the belief that mourning and sadness are an insult to the deceased, and therefore, the lives they lived should be celebrated with the food, drink and activities they enjoyed while still alive.

Sugar skulls or calaveras has always been a significant part of Aztec and their descendant traditions in the Day of the Dead celebrations. Back then sugar skulls represented deceased ones, often with written names on the forehead of the skull. Nowadays the skull symbol serves also as a popular gift, exchanged by friends and sweethearts as a symbol of a bond of affection so strong it will endure not just throughout this life, but the next as well.

The royal green enamel of the bottle symbolizes eternity and fruitfulness of the things that matter, back in Mayan times as well as today. Even in the dark, the bottle that holds the enduring spirit of strong and meaningful bonds, will shine and remind us to appreciate most precious things in our life.


Smooth pepper and smoky wood flavors with hints of sweet spice, vanilla, honey maple and caramel.

Kah Extra Añejo Ceramic Tequila
Kah Extra Añejo Ceramic Tequila Sale price$148.99