Joseph Magnus

Joseph Magnus Vigilant Navy Strength Gin

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Savory, Spicy, Smoky.

Packs a punch at 114 proof and bestows a backbone to classic gin cocktails. Crafted from 100 percent corn distillate, steeped and distilled with smoky harissa, its dry-medium body features 4-year-old Italian juniper, figs, fresh mint, lemon, hops, and hibiscus for a crisp and sophisticated finish.

When 18th century legislation was passed in Britain mandating every vessel of the Royal Navy have a certain quantity of gin on board as a panacea for scurvy and malaria, savvy officers who suspected their gin was being diluted discovered that only gin which was at least 57% ABV would still ignite the gun powder. With a bang, Navy Strength was born!

114 Proof / ABV 57%

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