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Jefferson's Marian McLane Bourbon (Limited Edition)

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[ST] Feature Icons

A master blend of five outstanding whiskeys, and tribute to founder Trey Zoeller's eighth generation grandmother, one of the earliest documented women in American whiskey.

51% ABV (102 PROOF)


After the American Revolution, the country faced tremendous war debt as people everywhere coped with the harsh reality of post-war life.

Among them lived Marian Mclain, a war-widowed mother of five intent on providing for her family. As demand for spirits increased, the strong-willed Marian saw her chance for a better life and began distilling and selling whiskey.

The government saw the spirit trade as an Opportunity to pay off war debts, and enacted the so-called "WHISKEY TAX" which provoked widespread outrage and protest. But Marian needed every cent she could make to provide for her children.

She did not pay the tax, and was arrested and imprisoned for her offense. While we're always searching for more details of her life, we do know that Marian's arrest made her one of the first women on record for selling whiskey in America.

Jefferson's Marian McLane Bourbon (Limited Edition)
Jefferson's Marian McLane Bourbon (Limited Edition) Sale price$271.99