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Hinotori 5 Year Japanese Blended Whisky

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Coming back from its ashes is exactly what the Hekinan distillery, located in Aichi and founded in 1949, is doing by releasing a limited 5 years old batch made from malt and grain in a pot still.  Ageing takes place in used whisky barrels for 5 years to allow gentle and smooth aromas to develop.

86 Proof / 43% ABV



Hmm.. I am first met with a quirky and odd oakiness. Sniffing further I pick up assorted spices, card board and vanilla. OK, so we're off to a rocky or at least mixed start. Ah, with time it does appear more rounded and approachable. A balanced mix of orchard fruits and mild oakiness.


Medium body and sweetness. On the palate it is also somewhat oaky in character. While not all that sweet it does have a sugary sweetness to it. A pinch of salt and mixed spices appear on subsequent sips.


Medium long finish. Not a whole lot of development, it keeps a steady course towards the finish line. Perhaps a touch nutty in the end. Yes, not just a touch either - it is nutty.

Hinotori 5 Year Japanese Blended Whisky
Hinotori 5 Year Japanese Blended Whisky Sale price$80.99