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Hibiki Harmony 100th Anniversary Edition Japanese Whiskey

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[ST] Feature Icons

100th Anniversary Limited Edition Design. Introducing a centennial limited-edition design of Hibiki Japanese Harmony, created to celebrate Suntory’s philosophy of living in harmony with people and nature.

The bottle design of Hibiki Japanese Harmony 100th Anniversary Edition is inspired by our relentless pursuit of quality, ingenuity and expressiveness – rooted in “Monozukuri” craftsmanship and Japanese culture. A celebration of Suntory Whisky's centennial milestone, ​the design features a bridge with the traditional Japanese ​ art of Setsugekka – snow, moon and flowers to showcase ​the passing of seasons. The bridge is a connection to ​each of the four seasons connecting our past and future, ​in the hope that tradition and history won’t be forgotten, ​always to be respected as we look forward. The unique 24-faceted bottle represents 24 hours in a day, with 24 Japanese seasons in a year.

86 Proof / 43% ABV





Rose, lychee, hint of rosemary, mature woodiness, sandalwood


Honey like sweetness, candied orange peel, white chocolate


Subtle, tender long finish, with hint of Mizunara (Japanese oak)