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Hercules Mulligan Rum and Rye

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[ST] Feature Icons

Named for the little-known tailor, spy, and hero of the American Revolution, who changed history and secured freedom for all, Hercules Mulligan offerings are based on unique recipes from the period. It’s what Mulligan, the man, stood for, and it’s what each edition embodies—a spirit of independence.

A unique recipe from the era of revolution and self-determination, custom-tailored for the modern independent thinker. Perfectly balanced Caribbean Aged Rum & American Rye Whiskey create an equilibrium of duality - a secret to be (re)discovered. The Rum & Rye blend is combined with macerated, fresh organic ginger - not artificial flavors. And it’s the essence of this magical root, that gives the blend a kick and builds its distinctive character.

The potion is finished with a dash of bespoke bitters that add that extra flavor. No fakery, only honest-to-God ingredients that capture the essence of a bittersweet life.

86 Proof