Henebery Celebrated Whiskey

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Henebery Celebrated Whiskey is spicy and herbaceous. It is well-balanced and expresses many levels of complexity. It takes all cocktails to the next level.

“Henebery Celebrated Whiskey is exactly what it is: a celebration. This fine crafted whiskey is well balanced and expresses many levels of complexity. Do not overlook this spirit.”

  • 95% rye, 5 % barley - this is our base rye mash bill
  • Hints of vanilla, orange peel, and cardamom
  • Served at 90 proof (the extra proof gives the infusion a solid backbone)
  • Spicy and herbaceous
  • Light caramel and smoke from the barrel
  • Takes every cocktail you make with it to the next level due to spiced infusion

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