Happy Dad

Happy Dad X Death Row Records Grape Hard Seltzer 12 Pack By The Nelk Boys

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And the wait is over. Snoop chose grape flavor!

We know there are thousands of other hard seltzer brands out there, but here’s why Happy Dad is the GOAT of all hard seltzers. It’s better tasting, has the perfect amount of carbonation, and it has electrolytes. Most important of all, it isn’t in a skinny can. Like c’mon, why is every hard seltzer in a skinny can?

  • Low carbonation.
  • Infused with electrolytes.
  • Our water naturally filtered by limestone.
  • Our alcohol is colorless & odorless.
  • Our flavors are all natural & gluten free.
  • 1g of sugar per can.
  • 100 calories per can.

Includes 12 cans at 355mL volume.

5% ABV

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