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Hand Barrel Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon White

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Ships from San Diego, California

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From barrel to bottle, Hand Barrel was established to bring you a whiskey experience unlike any other. We sought to create a vessel that was unique, sleek, and unlike anything else in the industry; a contemporary take on a centuries-old American pastime that would also protect the vital liquid gold inside. Once the bottle was perfected, we sought out a handcrafted bourbon that would match our bottle in quality.

  • Mash Bill: 64% corn - 24% rye - 12% malted barley
  • Cask: American White Oak barrels - Char #4
  • Barrel Entry Proof: 105-115
  • Bottled at Proof: 105
  • non-chill filtered


EYE: Pale Amber

NOSE: Toffee, Caramel, Buttered corn, Cinnamon Pepper Spice

PALATE: Round, Viscous - Waves of oaky caramel, butter and bursts of pepper give way to a honeyed sweetness and round mouthfeel of baked apple and cinnamon

FINISH: Vibrant pepper-cinnamon-mint burn - light tannin


Add the ½ tsp of sugar, 3 dashes of orange bitters and water to the Rocks glass, stir until the sugar is dissolved. Add Ice, and 2 oz of Hand Barrel Bourbon. Express the oil of the orange peel over the glass, Drop in, stir and enjoy!

Hand Barrel Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon White
Hand Barrel Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon White Sale price$76.99