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Hamilton Jamaican Pot Still Blonde Rum

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After bottling Hamilton Jamaican Pot Still Gold and Black Rum and emptying some St Lucian Pot Still Rum barrels I refilled a few barrels with the base rum from Jamaica diluted to 70% ABV. This diluted base blend from Worthy Park aged about 18 months at the Five & 20 Spirits Distillery in Westfield, NY then we added about 12% one year old light rum from Worthy Park aged in Jamaica and put that blend back in the barrels to marry another five to six months. During the last month, the ABV was reduced to about 90 proof before a few barrels were batched and prepared for bottling (got the proof right, let the rum settle without filtering and tasted it a few times - for quality control.) There was no caramel or sugar added to this rum after distillation.

In the mean time, the name was finalized, the label was finished and printed. Everything in this bottle was distilled from fermented molasses from the Worthy Park Estate sugar mill and then diluted with pristine, filtered, upstate NY well-water and bottled at the Five and 20 Distillery.

Only 198 cases of this rum were bottled in the first batch, but there are more barrels peacefully resting to be bottled as more Hamilton Jamaican Blonde rum or another blend later this year. Stand by, patience will be rewarded. Some things you can't hurry, rum wasn't built in a day.

90 Proof / 45% ABV