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Hamilton Navy Strength 114 Proof Rum

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After ignoring the pleas from bartenders from Boston to DC for a Hamilton Navy Strength rum that was more consumer-friendly than what was already on their bar this blend was finalized in Sept 2016. Although the blend is straightforward, the path was not.
40% high proof Jamaican Pot Still Rum from the Worthy Park Estate and 60% high proof aged Guyanese rums is bottled at 114 proof for spirit-forward rum cocktails.

Before this blend was bottled I suggested mixing one ounce of Hamilton 151 and 0.51 ounces (a fat half ounce) of Hamilton Jamaican Pot Still rum. Although everyone who tried this blend agreed it was good, but bartenders wanted it bottled so their staff couldn't accidentally mess this up and it would be much faster for them.

When it came time to bottle this product we tested blends of 60/40, 50/50 and 40/60 rums from Jamaica and Guyana and found the 60/40 Guyana/Jamaican blend to be the best. But we couldn't stop there. After blending and tasting blends of 65/35, 60/40 and 55/45 Guyana/Jamaican it was time to get to work. 60% Guyana rum at 154 proof and 40% Jamaican rum at 170 proof are blended together and slowly stirred for 48 hours before dilution to 114 proof with filtered well water at the Five & 20 Distillery in Westfield, NY.

114 Proof / 57% ABV

Hamilton Navy Strength 114 Proof Rum
Hamilton Navy Strength 114 Proof Rum Sale price$34.99