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Guillotine Ossetra Caviar Vodka (Limited Edition)

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Ships from San Diego, California

[ST] Feature Icons

“Subtle aromas, caviar sensations, a unique experience with each new sip.” -Forbes

From Paris to New York, Petrossian's caviar is renown as an elegant icon and ambassador of true luxury. After years of research, Guillotine and Petrossian have developed the world’s first method of distilling caviar into vodka.

Guillotine Ossetra Caviar Vodka is distilled with only the finest caviar (20 g of Ossetra caviar per liter).

Guillotine Ossetra Caviar Vodka has been awarded 14 times at international competitions, receiving the ultimate honor in 2022: a double gold medal at the prestigious San Francisco World Spirits Competition.


The nose is delicate with salty, almost smoky notes and is balanced with the lemony freshness of Guillotine Originale. This vodka is full of finesse and subtlety where the balance of flavors prevails for a striking taste experience.

90 Proof

Guillotine Ossetra Caviar Vodka (Limited Edition)
Guillotine Ossetra Caviar Vodka (Limited Edition) Sale price$180.99