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Greenbar Tru American Vodka

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Organic vodka made in the City of Angels. TRU vodka tastes clean and light, with a well-rounded finish. Use a good measure in produce and fresh juice-driven cocktails. Exceptionally good paired with cranberry juice, muddled with cucumber, matched with mint.

Good news: Greenbar Distillery plants one tree for every bottle you buy - view the latest tree count on their website.

40% ABV


At Greenbar distillery, we aim to leave the environment in better shape than we found it. How?

1. By using only certified organic ingredients, our spirits help maintain clean farmland and groundwater and prevent adding artificial fertilizers, synthetic pesticides or genetically modified organisms to our world.

2. By reducing packaging waste and pollution through lightweight bottles and 100% post consume waste recycled labels (and avoiding frosting, plastics and metallic paints).

3. By planting one tree per bottle sold. (we plant them in the rain forests of central america and provide not only carbon sinks, but also shade for fair trade crops of coffee and cacao so local farmers can better feed their families.)

4. By opening up our programs to third-party validation by independent organizations…so you know!

A carbon negative cocktail: drink a standard 4oz cocktail made with 1.5 oz of greenbar distillery spirits and you’ll be carbon negative for the day.

Greenbar Tru American Vodka
Greenbar Tru American Vodka Sale price$19.99