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Gosling's Spirited Seas Ocean Aged Bermuda Rum

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Ships from San Diego, California

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Introducing Goslings Spirited Seas Rum, a generous gift from the wild Atlantic Ocean.. The voyage starts by filling vintage bourbon barrels with a superior blend of premium aged Bermuda rums. The barrels are loaded on to a vessel, and the rum ages for another year at sea, traveling back and forth from Bermuda to the Mid-Atlantic. The stormy seas and air have an extraordinary effect on the blend. The rum interacts with he charred American white oak over every wave, extracting all the barrel’s flavor. The result is an elegant and complex rum with an oaky, nose, hints of salted caramel and luscious spice, and a smooth finish.

Premium aged Bermuda rum, finished at sea over 59,920 nautical miles.

44% ABV


Mahogany auburn

Subtle oak with allspice

Hints of stone fruit, caramel apple, salted dark chocolate

Smooth, clean and lingering with spiced dark oak.
Gosling's Spirited Seas Ocean Aged Bermuda Rum
Gosling's Spirited Seas Ocean Aged Bermuda Rum Sale price$57.99