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Glendalough Single Cask Madeira Irish Whiskey

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The epic single casks from Glendalough were raised in ex-Bourbon barrels and finsihed in unique casks that really highlight the underlying Glendalough whiskey. In this case - Canteiro Madeira casks. These are Madeira casks of the highest quality. While Madeira's unique style developed from shipping casks of wine across the hot equator, for centuries the finest wines have been produced in the Canteiro method.

Casks are stored in the attics on the islands and warmed for 4 summers before release. This allows the wood and wine to exchange their flavors and leave both even better than they were before. The use of these casks in whiskey is rare and very special. Glendalough has captured the wonderful array of flavors in the Madiera Bouquet. Roasted nuts, sweet spices, raisined fruits all abound. It's like a twist on a classic sherry finish and of course you've got that classic maderized profile that is so hard to describe without tasting it.

Glendalough Single Cask Madeira Irish Whiskey
Glendalough Single Cask Madeira Irish Whiskey Sale price$44.99