Flor De Cana

Flor De Caña 4 Añejo Oro

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A 4-year-old, golden-amber, medium-bodied rum with a vanilla bouquet. The Flor de Caña 4 Añejo Oro is excellent with soda and mineral water, and is a perfect match for punches and light cocktails. 

  • COLLECTION: Reserva
  • BODY: Medium-bodied
  • COLOR: Golden amber
  • AROMA: Aroma with notes of fresh vanilla bouquet.
  • PALATE: Notes of toasted coconut and wood, with a dry finish.
  • HOW TO DRINK: With soda or sparkling water, or in punches and tropical cocktails.

ABV 40%


Flor de Caña is a global leader in sustainable practices.

Carbon Neutral Certified: All carbon emissions are offset during the entire lifecycle, from field to market.

Fair Trade Certified: Produced in compliance with 300+ labor, social and environmental standards.


  • 50,000 trees planted annually since 2005 (certified by Jóvenes Ambientalistas).
  • Distilled using 100% Renewable Energy (10+ years).
  • CO2 emissions during fermentation are captured and recycled.


  • Free education for employee’s children at the company school (since 1913).
  • Free healthcare for employee’s families at the company hospital (since 1958).
  • Career growth and development programs for all employees.


  • #1 donor of APROQUEN since 1991, providing 600,000 free medical services to child burn victims.
  • 15+ years supporting American Nicaraguan Foundation to alleviate poverty in Nicaragua.

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