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Fireball Dragon Reserve Small Batch Whisky

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The origin of Fireball Dragon Reserve is as mysterious as the pyramids of ancient Egypt, UFOs, or the sudden urge to use the bathroom every time you're in a bookstore. Legend has it that the dragon whispered into the Fireball Master Distillers' ear, "I've put some Fireball Whisky into bourbon barrels to age. Literally, like, just straight Fireball. But the barrels are super premium so this stuff is gonna be gooooood."

After a very long handful of months, the Fireball master distiller determined the batch was perfect. And from a barrel charred in the blazes of hell, Dragon Reserve was born. Untraditionally claw- crafted, Fireball Dragon Reserve balances subtle notes of oak, cinnamon, unbridled confidence, cinnamon, the sudden urge to throw a day-party, spicy stuff, euphoria, and more cinnamon.

66 Proof / 33% ABV

Fireball Dragon Reserve Small Batch Whisky
Fireball Dragon Reserve Small Batch Whisky Sale price$23.99