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Filthy Foods Black Cherry (Glass Jar)

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The Filthy Black Cherry is the Manhattan and Old Fashioned garnish choice of some of the best bars in the world.

All natural, Italian Amarena wild cherries are slow cooked in copper pots delivering a rich complex flavor with a sweet front with a tart finish. The Filthy Black Cherry is the only garnish ever to be nominated for an award at Tales of the Cocktail becoming one of the TOP 10 Best New Bar Products in the World.

  • All natural wild Amarena Cherries from Northern Italy
  • Slow-cooked in copper pots to deliver a sweet front and a tart finish
  • The rich and complex flavor make it perfect for high proof spirits
  • Proudly used by some of the best bars in the world
  • Non-Alcoholic

Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Vegan

11 oz.


Filthy Black Cherries are preserved by the slow cooking process, and do not need to be refrigerated once opened. If the product is refrigerated, you will notice a thickening of the syrup and, in extreme temperatures, small sugar crystals will appear, shortening shelf life.

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