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Empress 1908 Elderflower Rose Gin

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Ships from San Diego, California

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Inspired by our beautiful location in Victoria, British Columbia, Empress Elderflower Rose Gin pays homage to ‘The City of Gardens,’ where flowers blossom nearly year-round. The fresh, floral botanicals create a delicate spirit with a distinctive all-natural rose hue, adding a touch of our home to your next cocktail creation.

Nine beautifully blended botanicals create a delicate spirit with a stunning all-natural rose hue. Empress Elderflower Rose has a rich aroma and a surprisingly understated floral palate. With exquisite citrus and spice notes and a hint of sweetness, Elderflower Rose Gin allows each botanical to shine.

42.5% ABV


To achieve Empress Elderflower Rose Gin’s stunning ruby hue, we use a unique combination of red rose petals and black carrots. Roses are a traditional gin botanical with a beautiful floral note and a delicate aroma. The black carrot adds a touch of sweetness and enhances and maintains our rich ruby colour. Like the original Empress 1908 Gin and its iconic indigo hue, Empress Elderflower Rose Gin’s red rose hue is all-natural.

No artificial colours or stabilizers are used, so while the flavour will last forever, the unique ruby colour will fade over time. Fading is accelerated by exposure to sunlight, so we recommend that you experience each bottle within a year of purchase and store it in a cool, dark place. After all, a gin this beautiful is meant to be enjoyed at its best.