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El Silencio Espadín Mezcal

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Double distilled – Crafted with care in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Made for the firebrand who likes options, our Espadín mixing mezcal is the perfect companion for cocktails or simply to sip on its own. Its sleek, black bottle and robust, deep flavor profile recalls earthly delights and hearty tastes, providing a subtle spice and pronounced finish unlike any other mezcal or spirit you’ve encountered in your travels.

Espadín offers a sharper taste, for a more intense agave flavor seeker, this mezcal is perfect for spicing up margaritas or Bloody Marias, adding a subtle smoke to the most sophisticated concoctions, or simply for sipping on in the heat of the sun or by a raging fire. Espadín is a pure agave mezcal for people that know what they want in life - and don’t mind when things get a little heated.


Roasted figs, sweet potatoes and charred stone fruit.

86 Proof

El Silencio Espadín Mezcal
El Silencio Espadín Mezcal Sale price$31.99