El Cristiano 1761

El Cristiano 1761 Silver Tequila

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El Cristiano silver boasts unrivaled complexity and depth with coil copper stills imparting a pure, clean taste.


full body with bright, silver hues and defined legs


subtly sweet cooked agave aromas with hints of butter, notes of mature fruit, and spicy with hints of bay leaf and rosemary


full mouth roundness, earthy & sweet with notes of mature fruit, cooked & fresh agave

  • 100% puro de agave
  • Agave: 6 Year aged blue weber agave
  • Origin: Los Altos, De Jalisco, MX

​40% ABV


“Our traditional process is one that has been perfected over generations with zero additives and absolutely no compromise or shortcut, with a commitment to sustainable agriculture,” the founders say. “We are confident that our differentiation process will resonate clearly to the consumer both in taste and quality.” That process includes a focus on harvesting with a focus on sustainable agriculture practices. All agave for El Cristiano is harvested in the highlands of Jalisco.

The founders say they’re not just committed to great tequila, but the community, too. Proceeds from the sale of El Cristiano go to support the children of Arandas and the Jalisco Highlands region. A percentage of the sale of every bottle goes to the Arandas orphanage, the public school system, and the local kids’ soccer club.

Written by the-ethos.co

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