Cooperstown Distillery

Doubleday Baseball Bourbon

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Abner Doubleday's Double Play Bouorbon is sourced from Indiana and blended seeral times. It's a blend of both younger and aged bourbons and has a mature character of a fine older bourbon. Bottled in the signature Abner Doubleday Baseball Decatner. Perfect for baseball fans everywhere!


The small grains in the bourbon adds softness while delivering layers of depth and complexity.


The result is a smooth bourbon with caramel and butterscotch. 


Sweet toffee.


Copperstown Distillery is a farm distillery and a member of the Coperstown Beverage Trail. They practice high-quality artisanal distilling methods, crafting their spirit almost entirely from New York State grains. They produce a full line of unique spirits.

90 Proof

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