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Don Ramon Plata Tamarindo Tequila

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Tequila Don Ramón Tamarindo is a 100% agave silver tequila infused with natural tamarind. Resulting in an exotic and refreshing blend with notes of tamarind with a tropical touch that evolves to a warm minerality. Ideal to enjoy cold or to prepare delicious cocktails.

70 Proof / 35% ABV

Category: Tequila 100% Blue Agave. Infused with tamarind
COLOR: Crystalline.
AROMA: Tamarind notes.
Taste: Silver tequila with herbal notes and tamarind essence.
Ideal consumption:: Enjoy it straight and cold or combine with juices or refreshments

Don Ramon Plata Tamarindo Tequila
Don Ramon Plata Tamarindo Tequila Sale price$28.99