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Don Ramon Platinum Plata Tequila

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Tequila Plata Platinum blends seamlessly with an optimal sugar concentration harvesting process and a harmonious fermentation development that endows it with a unique smoothness. Despite not being aged in barrels, this tequila preserves an intense profile with notes of cooked agave that linger on the palate.

The crystal-clear color of Tequila Plata Platinum, characteristic of this Casa Don Ramón line, is complemented by a fresh, citrusy, and agave aroma that enchants the soul with touches of sweetness and warm minerality.

70 Proof / 35% ABV

AGAVE: 100% Blue Agave
DISTILLATION: Double distillation in steel stills
COLOR: Colorless
AROMA: Fresh, citrusy, and agave

Don Ramon Platinum Plata Tequila
Don Ramon Platinum Plata Tequila Sale price$47.99