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Doc Swinson's Blenders Cut Straight Bourbon Whiskey

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Blender's Cut bourbon whiskey is the base blend for the Triple Cask bourbon as well as our finished bourbons. This straight bourbon whiskey, aged a minimum of 5 years and bottled at high proof (115), is for all the whiskey lovers out there.

After numerous releases of our Triple Cask Alter Ego Bourbon, Jesse Parker, Doc's blender, started to notice a late-night trend as we sampled the base bourbon. After witnessing copious nights in the warehouse with glasses that refused to be set down, it became apparent that the Blenders Cut needs to be shared! Aged 5 years, we offer this to you at a whopping 115 proof, from the cask. Enjoy straight from the bottle or add a little water to bring out some more flavors.


apricots, brown sugar, peanuts, toasted almond, charred oak, dark chocolate, and cream

115 Proof

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