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Dictador 2 Masters Rum Barton Rye Bourbon Cask

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Sale price$1,399.99

Ships from San Diego, California

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Discover the best-secured bottle in the world. You are holding a real treasure in your hand right now. Why? There are at least two reasons to regard it as so.

First of all, this very bottle of Dictador 2Masters is the most precious product in our entire offer. These noble bottles contain 36 y.o – 44 y.o. Dictador rum that had an unmissable opportunity to mature in the unique barrels of Masters cooperating with Dictador. Second of all, we have created a bottle with many advanced security solutions to protect our rum’s authenticity. All the features were made in cooperation with a company that holds the highest security patents and produces, among others, banknotes and securities. Yes, Dictador 2Masters is now perfectly protected just like the most valuable currencies of the world! What is most important, Dictador 2Masters label serves as the highest security solution and holds all required patents.

Dictador 2 Masters Rum Barton Rye Bourbon Cask
Dictador 2 Masters Rum Barton Rye Bourbon Cask Sale price$1,399.99