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Crater Lake Prohibition American Gin

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What is Prohibition Gin? Inspired by those American gins from 100 years ago that were strong and unpretentious, think speakeasy swagger in a bottle. This bold, no-nonsense gin harks back to the rule-breaking revelry of the Roaring Twenties. Originally crafted by the hands of rebels and mavericks - the kind who leave their mark on the world - Crater Lake Prohibition Gin infuses that rebellious spirit into every distinctive bottle. Gluten free. Certified Kosher.

80 Proof / 40% ABV


Call it Prohibition-style, compound, infused, or bathtub this type of gin was prevalent in the United States during Prohibition when distilling had to be small, nimble, and hard to find. This style also created some of the most notable gin cocktails we still enjoy today. We use wild, handpicked juniper berries from Oregon’s high desert to craft a single botanical recreation of these lost gins. The result is juniper-forward and complex, with a rich, pleasingly creamy mouthfeel.

Crater Lake Prohibition American Gin
Crater Lake Prohibition American Gin Sale price$22.99