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Crafthouse Cocktails Dark Matter Coffee Old Fashioned

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The Old Fashioned is truly the granddaddy of all cocktails. The essence of the very word “cocktail”, as defined 217 years ago: is spirits of any kind, sugar, water, bitters. The Crafthouse Coffee Old Fashioned reflects co-founder Charles Joly's vision for the perfect version of this venerable cocktail with a signature twist. Bourbon is the foundation of this new coffee bourbon release. We partnered with our friends from Traverse City Whiskey Co. and hand-picked 7 barrels from their aging stock to build upon. When it came time to source our coffee, we didn't have to travel far to work with the best in the business... No roaster is more meticulous, conscientious and creative than the crew at Chicago's Dark Matter Coffee. The bitters are a custom creation, specially made for this whiskey coffee cocktail - A blend of citrus peel, baking spices, and cacao sourced from Sleep Walk Chocolateria bind everything together seamlessly.

Serving: Enjoy this coffee brew cocktail over a large piece of ice. Garnish with an orange twist.



A blend of straight bourbons with two high-rye mashbills from two to five years of age.

Taste & Aroma: Our coffee bourbon cocktail features a spicy nose with hints of clove, cedar, and cumin over a base warm oak. Cool and lightly grassy on the palate, transitioning to a full rounded body that has both cane sugar sweetness with hints of citrus, finishing with walnut notes.


Honey processed Catuai Cultivar from San Jeronimo Miramar Farm, Guatemala.

Taste & Aroma: notes of strawberry, dark chocolate and brown sugar.


Dark Matter Coffee is a 15-year-old company that began its journey in Humboldt Park in Chicago. Charles Joly was a customer we served, exchanged knowledge with and befriended in the early stages of our business. So, it's especially ceremonious that we can collaborate after all these years! Today, we continue to develop new ideas more intimately with our coffee growing producers. Furthermore, Dark Matter Coffee is committed to cultivating genuine and organic relationships with talented and passionate people. This is what shapes our ideas and movement into the future and our project with Crafthouse and Traverse City is a perfect example of this.

Traverse City Whiskey Co. is an independent and locally-owned distilled spirits company based in Traverse City, Michigan, that’s dedicated to producing approachable premium to super-premium bourbon, rye and other innovative whiskies as well as Premium Cocktail Cherries. Known as “The Whiskey of the North,” the company draws upon its early family roots in the distilled spirits industry dating back to the late 1800s, sourcing all its grains from the Midwest.

Crafthouse Cocktails Dark Matter Coffee Old Fashioned
Crafthouse Cocktails Dark Matter Coffee Old Fashioned Sale price$42.99