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Cowboy Little Barrel Blended Whiskey

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[ST] Feature Icons

Few images are more clearly etched in our minds than the true American Cowboy. Close your eyes and you can see him riding the range, relying on wits and strength. He's a rugged individual, roaming the country and living by his own moral code. With a restless spirit epitomizing a course strength that takes him through day into night he builds a warm campfire where he cooks a simple meal washed down with some easy drinking whiskey.

Our authentic Cowboy insists on core work ethic, is quietly determined never backing down from principle, always striving to do the right thing. There's burning in his eyes: his life's work is riding the range, taming the wilderness for man and nature, all the while keeping an inner counsel.

Whiskey has long been the Cowboy's companion . . . and our COWBOY Little Barrel Blended Whiskey, and COWBOY Little Barrel Rye serve him well in his endeavors.
Savor this silky smooth and toasty Cowboy Little Barrel, neat, in a shot glass, or served over crystal clear ice sitting by the campfire, or sipping it on the shores of a far away mountain lake. When faced with a long day, a shot of our whiskey in a strong cup of cowboy coffee makes a fine morning beverage.

81.2 Proof / 40.6% ABV


Warm caramel over a smoldering campfire, brown butter toast with hints of chicory and hazelnuts

Cowboy Little Barrel Blended Whiskey
Cowboy Little Barrel Blended Whiskey Sale price$32.99