Corzo Añejo Tequila

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CORZO is made with only 100% Weber blue agave from Jalisco, in the heart of the Highlands of Mexico. It is what gives CORZO its sweeter, citrusy, tropical notes.

In Los Altos, Mexico the heart of Tequila Valley Corzo Distillery has pioneered and patented a distillation process that begins when expert jimadors trim the shoots and stalks from young Highland Blue Weber Agave plants, allowing the plants to focus more of their energy on developing rich and flavorful piñas, or hearts.

Native to Mexico, Highland Blue Weber Agave plants favor high altitudes and rich, sandy soils. In Los Altos, which is located a mile above sea level and blessed with rich, red soil, Corzo's jimadors harvest the piñas at their peak of maturity.

ABV 40%

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