Corazón Single Estate Blanco Tequila

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Expertly Crafted 100% Blue Webber Agave Tequila made in Los Altos Mexico.

  • COLOR: Silver
  • AROMA: Baked pineapple, roasted jalapeño, and tangerine zest explode on the nose of this complex tequila.
  • TASTE: The palate has an iodine mineral tone and a creamy texture that fills the mouth and leads into an invigorating, spicy finish.
  • AGING: Unaged
    • 2019 Ultimate Spirits Challenge: 92/100 Points, Excellent/Highly Recommended
    • 2019 Los Angeles International Spirits Competition: Gold Medal, Best of Category
    • 2019 World Tequila Awards: Best Blanco

ABV 40%

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