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Corazón Añejo Tequila and Myer's Rum (Private Selection) 2 Bottle Value Set

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Ships from San Diego, California

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Woah there! You have some good taste. These two bottles are bottles exclusive to Top Shelf Wine and Spirits and can't be find anywhere else. The barrels chosen for both products are unique and have one of the craziest, most delicious flavor profiles. 

A friend who dislikes tequila enjoyed this tequila so much he bought his own bottle, and a few who aren't a fan of rums enjoyed the taste so much they bought their own bottle. We think that says a lot. 


All products with “Private Selection” in the title are bottles exclusive to Top Shelf Wine and Spirits. Our whiskey-enthusiastic team hand-selects the specific barrel to be only sold here. Each barrel creates a unique taste, so the process of picking a single barrel is complex and distinctive each time. (Tip: if you enjoyed a bottle of our ‘private selection’, that means that you have similar tasting palate to us and would most likely enjoy all of our private selections!)

Corazón Añejo Tequila

Expertly Crafted 100% Blue Webber Agave Tequila made in Los Altos Mexico. This barrel was chosen by Top Shelf Wine and Spirits and is only available here! Aged 16-18 months in American Oak.


The color is a beautiful light amber. Light on the mouth, hints of caramel and peanut flow through. Subtle and focused. ABV 40%

Myer's Rum

Our first ever private selection rum. 

Myers’s Rum is produced from pure sugarcane juice that is boiled into molasses, fermented, and expertly distilled using both continuous and pot sill distillation methods. After distillation, the rum is matured for up to four years in white oak barrels. It is this final aging period that contributes to Myers’s distinctive color, aroma, and taste guaranteed to elevate your drink with authentic Caribbean flavor.


A twist on the original that stands the test of time. Experience buttery notes upon entry followed by leather, bitter herbs with elements of walnut and pecans. The finish has a decadent dark character with burnt brown sugar, and underlying oak notes. 40% ABV

corazon tequila
Corazón Añejo Tequila and Myer's Rum (Private Selection) 2 Bottle Value Set Sale price$101.98