Cooperstown Distillery

Cooperstown Baseball Select Straight Rye Whiskey (Limited Edition)

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Cooperstown Distillery’s award-winning Cooperstown Select Straight Rye Whiskey in a premium ornamental baseball bottle. Excellence and baseball - this limited edition offering is the absolute best of both worlds! Available only while supplies last.

102 Proof


Cooperstown Distillery employs the highest quality artisanal distilling practices. Using almost entirely New York State grains, we produce a full line of spirits. They are a farm distillery and work to “know our farmers” to produce spirits made from select grains grown by people we trust and respect. Their custom-crafted stills are the focal point of their Railroad Avenue location.

You can enjoy the “grain to bottle” experience. You will witness the entire process, from the mash right through distillation and aging. Most notably, their award-winning, distinguished whiskeys are carefully matured on-site in choice barrels, which further enhance their deep rich color and complex character. They then hand-bottle and hand-label their nationally-recognized spirits.

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