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Aromas of sherry and smoke permeate the streets of Glasgow

In his 1930s book ‘Whisky’, Aeneas MacDonald teaches us that Glaswegians historically preferred fuller bodied and more flavour-packed whiskies than people in other parts of the world. So what better name for a whisky such as this?

Glaswegians are also famed for their sense of humour, which is why the city’s Wellington statue – traditionally dressed down with a traffic cone – is featured on the front label.


Full, bold and smoky on the palate, Glasgow Blend unites the rich spice and fruitcake-like notes of Sherry cask ageing with the maritime punch of Islay malt whisky.


Wonderful poured into a tumbler or wine glass pre- or post-dinner, maybe with a splash of water. The added weight of Glasgow Blend will bring extra depth to whisky-based cocktails.


Bottled at 43%. Natural colour. Not chill-filtered. Blended Scotch Whisky.

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