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Clever Fox Small Batch Craft Silver Rum

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Ships from San Diego, California

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Chamomile, Earthy, Aloe, Stone fruit. A daydream in a glass.

It takes time and care to make a great tasting white rum, and this recipe was three years in the making. Distilled by hand in small batches from fresh, all-natural Louisiana sugar cane syrup, filtered San Diego water and secret heritage yeast from San Francisco.  

0g sugar
45% ABV | 90 proof

100% post-consumer glass bottle - Please reuse, return or recycle.
We will happily buy back your empty bottles! Contact us for more info. 


Louisiana sugar cane syrup
San Diego water
San Francisco yeast
Yeast Nutrient (organic nitrogen, mineral nitrogen and thiamine)

These ingredients have been fermented, filtered and distilled, and what remains is clean alcohol and water.


Clever Fox Small Batch Craft Silver Rum
Clever Fox Small Batch Craft Silver Rum Sale price$42.99