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Chulavista Blanco Tequila

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Chulavista Tequila represents the vibrant colors and joy of our Mexican markets. Story tells when Don José was just a child, he visited Chulavista market with his grandmother and he wanted to buy everything but his grandma told him, “Ill buy you something that one day allows you to have everything you want, but with your own effort”, and she gave him his first traditional piggy bank saying: “put every coin that comes into your hands here”; and from that moment, Don José began to save coin after coin.

Nowadays, he has his own company, and he produces his very own tequila and continues buying his little piggy bank to keep on with this beautiful tradition, which has lived through generation to generation and is represented in each bottle.



Herbal, fruity scents and a fine touch of cooked agave are found.


Spiced with a tight touch OF cinnamon and a citrte DIOSSOM.

Chulavista Blanco Tequila
Chulavista Blanco Tequila Sale price$40.99