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Butterfly Cannon The Winged King Tequila

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Reposado tequila in an ultra limited ceramic decanter.

SOFT, SWEET, AND SMOOTH 100% AGAVE REPOSADO TEQUILA. Packaged in an heirloom quality decanter bottle made from solid ceramic with a heavyweight, all-metal statuette stopper.

40% ABV


Monarch Butterflies have a unique lifestyle – American Monarchs go through three regenerations – and then migrate all through the US, via Texas and into Northern Mexico where they overwinter in trees for around 5 months.

Sadly, more and more of their habitat in Mexico is being destroyed by intensive and often illegal farming. Butterfly Cannon donates to the Monarch Butterfly Conservation Fund – which aims to conserve the magic of the monarch migration.

Butterfly Cannon The Winged King Tequila
Butterfly Cannon The Winged King Tequila Sale price$119.99