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Bruichladdich Bere Barley 2012 Scotch

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Bere Barley is a six-row heritage variety that has long since been forgotten from the modern world of standardised whisky making. Its revival into present day has taken effort and resilience from an entire network of millers, growers and agronomists. Our Bere project is dedicated to those like-minded souls, who have preserved a legacy and found modern applications in flavourful food and drinks, whatever the odds.

A beautiful expression that shows the classic depth and complexity of Bere Barley. Notes of zesty lime and green apple, with a subtly spiced gingerbread finish.

Sown in April for a September harvest, the 2011 growing season was mostly warm and dry, until the crucial cutting time when there were very few days free from rain. Maturing for over ten patient years in first fill ex-bourbon casks, the understated maturation of this 2012 vintage delicately balances an unctuous texture and malty, sweet fruit flavour.

Bruichladdich unpeated whisky is always:

  • Non-Chill filtered
  • Matured entirely on Islay
  • Bottled using Islay spring water
  • Coloring free


The 2012 Vintage is another stunning example of the viscous texture and wonderful depth and concentration of flavour we see from our Bere Barley. It is unique, a single vintage and a barley variety that gives flavour like no other.


Marzipan yellow


Complex and alluring, there is a wonderful combination of fruity and floral notes on the nose. Oak comes through with zesty lime and green apple, followed by fragrant honeysuckle and creamy vanilla. The Bere barley provides a tart robustness with hints of hay and barley sugar sweetness, with a peach note growing as the dram opens further.


Firm and well rounded, Bere barley and stoned fruit glide across the palate bringing waves of apricot, ripe peach and stewed apple. Chocolate lime hints at the zesty richness of the spirit before barley sugar and warm scones bring a remarkable depth of flavour from the malt. Marine notes of sun kissed sand and sea shells follow, moving to marzipan, mellow oak and coconut.


Long and delicate, the finish has notes of gingerbread, milk chocolate, marzipan, creamy vanilla and apricot jam. A subtle marine note lingers along with a hint of barley sugar.


  • BARLEY PROVENANCE: 100% Bere barley grown by the Agronomy Institute of Orkney College (UHI)
  • MALTING: Unpeated
  • DISTILLATION: Distilled in 2012 from the 2011 harvest
  • AGE: 10 Aged Years
  • MATURATION PROFILE: All full-term maturation in first fill bourbon casks for 10 years


We are working to reduce the impact of our operations and become more environmental in our actions, all with a heightened sensitivity to growing within our island home.

We must ensure our impact is positive, and that we continue to improve the quality of life for our planet and our people. Only with a clear vision, holistic approach and a solid foundation, will future generations be inspired to take over as custodians.

Since our renaissance in 2001, Islay has been at the very heart of our decision making. We have a strong sense of responsibility to our island and the people who live here. To us, this means spreading the economic benefit of the whisky industry into our community, whether that’s directly through our employment, or indirectly through our opportunities in farming, haulage, hospitality or construction.

Focusing on our people, our growing partners, volunteering and local projects, we will continue to develop our Islay-centricity. Indeed, our next major project will allow us to complete a proportion of annual production through an ‘all-Islay’ outfit.

Energy: As part of our program to reduce our carbon footprint, we've installed a circulatory heating system to recycle our hot wastewater and have switched to 100% renewable energy, sourced within the UK. Ultimately, our ambition is to decarbonise distillation by 2025.

Agriculture: We will continue our research into sustainable agriculture, exploring the models necessary to make our plans viable. We will be traceable and transparent and continue our progressive approach to growing and buying barley.

Bruichladdich Bere Barley 2012 Scotch
Bruichladdich Bere Barley 2012 Scotch Sale price$149.99