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Boyd and Blair Potato Vodka

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Ships from San Diego, California

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Our ingredients are selected with great care, from our locally sourced PA potatoes to our lavender florets, imported exclusively from France. 

“To convincingly prevail two years running against the world’s finest vodkas from nations with storied pedigrees, such as Poland, Sweden, Finland, France, Russia and more, is nothing short of historic.” — F. Paul Pacult, Spirit Journal

At 80 proof, the smooth, creamy, award-winning Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka is the flagship product of our distillery as well as the base spirit used in most of the ready-to-serve cocktails.

The signature taste of our Potato Vodka is achieved by using champagne yeast to coax the sweetness from locally sourced Pennsylvania potatoes. Sure, grains and corn are more commonly used, but we’ve found that potatoes make for a creamier, more pleasant mouth feel.

80 proof / 40% ABV

Boyd and Blair Potato Vodka
Boyd and Blair Potato Vodka Sale price$39.99