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Blanton's Single Barrel Straight Bourbon (Private Selection)

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Elmer T. Lee introduced the world to Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon a year before he retired.  In doing so, he revolutionized the industry by creating the “super premium” category of bourbon with the world’s first single barrel bourbon.  This idea was somewhat radical at the time because it challenged the identity of what most folks thought bourbon to be.  Today, most distilleries offer one or more single barrel bottlings, but Blanton’s was the first, and we still believe the finest, single barrel on the market.

This bottle is exclusive to Top Shelf Wine and Spirits, and cannot be found anywhere else.

93 Proof


All products with “Private Selection” in the title are bottles exclusive to Top Shelf Wine and Spirits. Our whiskey-enthusiastic team hand-selects the specific barrel to be only sold here. Each barrel creates a unique taste, so the process of picking a single barrel is complex and distinctive each time. (Tip: if you enjoyed a bottle of our ‘private selection’, that means that you have similar tasting palate to us and would most likely enjoy all of our private selections!)



Very approachable and gentle with fresh cut green apple with caramel drizzle, with hints of tobacco.


Upon first sip, a wave of freshly baked apple pie. As you find the undernotes, you'll taste slight tobacco and leather notes with a lingering sprinkle of cinnamon. 


A long lasting slightly dry finish.

Blanton's Single Barrel Straight Bourbon (Private Selection)
Blanton's Single Barrel Straight Bourbon (Private Selection) Sale price$178.99