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Blanton's Single Barrel Black Label (Japanese Exclusive)

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Blanton’s Black Label, a special Japanese exclusive bottled at 40% ABV rather than Original’s 46.5%. This is effectively the Japanese version of the export-only Green Label

Taken from the center of the venerable Warehouse H, Blanton’s was once designated for ambassadors, officials, and Colonel Blanton’s friends & family. Today, everyone has access to the world’s first single barrel bourbon.

Blanton’s Black Bourbon is aged in Buffalo Trace's Warehouse H, the only metal-clad warehouse at the distillery, for 6-8 years. The warehouse was built by Albert B. Blanton a few years after prohibition. Because metal conducts heat more quickly than brick warehouses, it ages more rapidly compared to other rickhouses.

Every bottle of Blanton’s has one of 8 different stoppers since 1999. Each one with a horse and jockey at a different stage of finishing a horserace. The designs are all lettered so that a complete set laid out side by side will spell “Blantons.” 


Blanton’s Black Label Bourbon flavor profile is sweet with and oaky with hints of citrus. A creamy nose features hints of vanilla, caramel, orange and light chocolate. Blanton’s set the standard for bourbons. Best served neat or with a couple of rocks.

Blanton's Single Barrel Black Label (Japanese Exclusive)
Blanton's Single Barrel Black Label (Japanese Exclusive) Sale price$212.99