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Bhakta 1990 Jamaican Rum

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This rich, deep, and opulent barrel-aged rum bears an extraordinary age statement backed up by craft pedigree and unrivaled complexity. Hailing from two singular distilleries, BHAKTA 1990 Jamaican Rum blends 1985 25 Year Jamaican column still rum from Clarendon/Monymusk (CHP) with 1990 23 Year Jamaican pot still rum from Appleton Estates (APEL). Fortuitously coupled in 2014, this exquisite blend of column- and pot-stilled rum enjoyed a further three years aging in second-fill MGP bourbon and rye barrels before earning its signature cask finish. 

Aged 26 Years
114 Proof / 57% ABV
Bhakta 1990 Jamaican Rum
Bhakta 1990 Jamaican Rum Sale price$479.99