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4 Copas Añejo Tequila (110 Proof)

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Pure and authentic, the ultimate taste experience.  4 Copas Añejo is aged in American White Oak carefully charred and refined in taste.

The Añejo, a crowning achievement, was the special creation of Sebastian Melendrez and his all-star team whose work spanned seven years.

In the mouth, it is ever so soft and pleasant with sweet texture. The nose is harmonious and elegant with aromas of dry fruit, hints of cherry, peach, apricot and rose petals, special and purely organic.


Deep amber color with golden and orange hues, great body.


The first impression has intense notes like burned vanilla, tobacco, nuts, coffee and maple, developed in aging in the American oak barrel..


In the mouth it is sweet and soft.  Flavors present are burned vanilla, tobacco, nuts, maple and cooked agave.


It is best to approach this special Tequila as a scotch or cognac drinker would, raising your level of expectation to meet the agave flavored purity. Expect to be in love with the experience upon the very first sip. Enjoy this expression chilled or neat over ice. Know that this pure organic Tequila experience in the 4 Copas Añejo will be an unparalleled experience.

110 Proof

4 Copas Añejo Tequila (110 Proof)
4 Copas Añejo Tequila (110 Proof) Sale price$121.99