Woodinville Bourbon Single Barrel Cask Strength Barrel 5604 (Store Pick!)

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Woodinville is back and we selected the ultimate single barrel bourbon! With 5 different options, it was a difficult decision as Woodinville continues to impress! In the end, one barrel clearly stood out from the rest we selected a Woodinville Bourbon with the ultimate complexity and smoothness. This is our 5th barrel we have selected from Woodinville Whiskey and might be our favorite one yet! (hint, give this one about 5-10 min to open up in a Glencairn glass) Wow!


Cherry on the front end, a hint of citrus and leather. As the whiskey opens up a bit, a caramel and toffee flavor come through to balance out the citrus notes


This whiskey has leather and Tabasco notes, with stone fruit, caramel and a flavor we can only describe as a raisin fig newton. 


On the finish, rye bread, more caramel and vanilla with a buttery graham cracker flavor. 

Woodinville Bourbon Barrel Number 5604

Proof: 116.74

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