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Shochu, a traditional Japanese distilled spirit, is crafted from various ingredients such as barley, sweet potatoes, or rice. Unlike its Korean counterpart, soju, shochu boasts a diverse range of flavors, from earthy and nutty to fruity and floral, offering a unique and nuanced drinking experience. In contrast to sake, which is brewed from polished rice and water, shochu undergoes a distillation process, resulting in a higher alcohol content and a broader spectrum of flavors.

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Nankai Shochu LiqueurNankai Japanese Shochu
Nankai Japanese Shochu Sale price$36.99
Iichiko Japanese Shochu SaitenIichiko Japanese Shochu Saiten
Iichiko Silhouette ShochuIichiko Silhouette Shochu
Iichiko Silhouette Shochu Sale price$21.99
MIZU 'GREEN TEA' SHOCHU: 本格焼酎『嬉野やぶきた茶』Mizu 'Green Tea' Shochu: 本格焼酎『嬉野やぶきた茶』
Mizu Sakura Cask ShochuMizu Sakura Cask Shochu