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Horse Soldier Bourbon Collection

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Horse Solider is a group of friends who have banded together after years of service to our nation. Our dedication to serving others and passion for adventure have led them on a new quest.

Horse Soldier bourbon whiskey is authentic, award-winning, and all-American.

This collection comes with one 750ml bottle of:

  • Horse Soldier Straight Bourbon Whiskey
  • Horse Soldier Signature Small Batch Bourbon
  • Horse Soldier Reserve Barrel Strength Bourbon

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Our team has been involved in every major conflict since the Vietnam war. Our next mission is to serve horse soldier bourbon, our legacy in a bottle.

Much of our brotherhood was forged in fire during the first days after the 9/11 attacks. Immediately following this affront on our nation, the USA responded with a daring insertion of small teams of green berets into northern Afghanistan. The northern alliance successfully overthrew mazar-I-Sharif, a Taliban stronghold, with the support of these brave men. This region’s inhospitable, mountainous terrain made efforts and enemy engagements on wild afghan horses a necessity for one special operations team (oda595). Nicknamed the “horse soldiers”, all these brave men are honored today by America’s response monument overlooking “ground zero” in New York City.

We make history and continue to live legendary lives by instilling family values, adventurous spirits, and pride into horse soldier bourbon whiskey.